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dhoiem at illinois dot edu

Office: Siebel Center 3312
Lab: Siebel Center 3307

Prospective Graduate Students

I'm not sure whether I will take new PhD students in Fall 2024 and do not actively recruit MS students, though some join my group. We have many excellent faculty in computer vision and AI. My main interests are creating more flexible and continually learning vision systems and multiview 3D scene reconstruction and understanding.

I am not able to respond to emails about admission. We are fortunate to receive many applications, and unfortunately there is not time to provide feedback or answer requests for information. Once you are admitted, I would be happy to talk to you. I may reach out if I have questions about your application.

Requests for Grad School Recommendation Letters

I am usually willing to write letters for students that work directly with me on research. For other students, the main value of my letter is an evaluation of your overall potential (rather than conveying direct experience). To make these letters more impactful, I will write for only up to three students each year, beyond those that work with me. Class-based letters require an "A" and being in the top 10% of the class. If you would like a letter from me for grad school, send me by October 31st: your resume, unofficial transcript, personal/interests statement. I will then let you know around Nov 7 whether I can write letters for you. I submit letters within 2 weeks of when I receive requests from the universities (not based on their deadline), so be sure to get the information entered in your applications early.

Joining my Research Group

I am not able to respond to requests about joining my research group or advising projects. If interested, come to the group meetings and introduce yourself. Group meetings are open to all. Undergrad and MS/MCS students may join existing advised projects in coordination with the project lead, or collaborate separately with other students. See my main page for info about group meetings. Meeting times and places will be posted close to the start of each semester. Remote collaboration is not possible.

Summer Interns

I am not planning to hire summer interns and cannot respond to requests for internships.

Post-docs and Visiting Researchers

I have no openings for visiting researchers and cannot respond to requests. I do not routinely supervise postdocs but may consider.