Here are a variety of utilities or programs that I have created. For now, I will just list them. Each contains documentation (README), or commented source code. All of this code is for Matlab. The project code can be used only for non-commercial purposes. I will provide only minimal support for this code and only for academic researchers.


Automatic Photo Pop-up, Geometric Context: software data
           -- source code now available

Putting Objects in Perspective (CVPR 2006): src (20M) data

Recovering Occlusion Boundaries (ICCV 2007): src (3.0M)
Occlusion Ground Truth for Geometric Context Dataset (102 images): data (108M)

Description: Description: \\\dhoiem\public_html\images\new.jpgDescribing Objects by their Attributes (CVPR 2009): data

Description: Description: \\\dhoiem\public_html\images\new.jpgCORE: Cross-category Object Recognition (CVPR 2010): data

Description: Description: \\\dhoiem\public_html\images\new.jpgCategory-Independent Object Proposals (ECCV 2010): code+data

Description: Description: \\\dhoiem\public_html\images\new.jpgSpatial Layout of Indoor Scenes (ICCV 2009, ECCV 2010): code (300M) ; readme ;  project



Object Labeling Tool: src (6K)

Computing watershed segmentation using boundary map: src (7K)


Finding Long, Straight Lines (used in Geometric Context): src (4K)

Description: Description: \\\dhoiem\public_html\images\new.jpgLogistic-Regression version of Adaboost (decision trees, kernel density estimation): src (220K) 

           -- added some fixes for Matlab’s new decision tree class

Heskes Margin/Max Factor Graph Inference (used in Occlusion ICCV 2007): src (6K)


Description: Description: