Office: Siebel Center 3312
Lab: Siebel Center 3307

Prospective Graduate Students

I'm not expecting to advise new students in Fall 2017 but will consider the pool of PhD applicants for the final decision. I'm not planning to advise new MS students in 2016 or 2017. My main interest is in visual scene understanding: inferring general principles and current situations from imagery in a way that helps achieve goals. Major topics include object recognition, 3D reconstruction, and integrated scene analysis. I'm not able to respond to requests for further information.

UIUC Undergraduate Students

I'm going on sabbatical in Fall 2016 and am not planning to work with new students. I suggest stopping by the lab at Siebel Center 3307 and talking to the graduate students about their projects and opportunities.

Summer Interns

I am not planning to hire summer interns and cannot respond to requests for internships.

Post-docs and Visiting Researchers

I have no openings for visiting researchers and cannot respond to requests. I am on sabbatical for Fall 2016 and will not be able to respond to requests about postdocs, but I may be interested in working with a post-doc starting Fall 2017.