dhoiem at illinois dot edu

Office: Siebel Center 3312
Lab: Siebel Center 3307

Prospective Graduate Students

I am unlikely to take new PhD students in Fall 2021. However, we have many strong faculty in computer vision and AI, both in CS and ECE, including several new faculty. My main interests are in 3D representations of scenes and objects, knowledge transfer and generalization, and general scene understanding.

I am not able to respond to emails about admission. We are fortunate to receive many applications, and unfortunately there is not time to provide feedback or answer requests for information. Once you are admitted, I would be happy to talk to you.

Requests for Grad School Recommendation Letters

I am usually willing to write letters for students that work directly with me on research. For other students, the main value of my letter is an evaluation of your overall potential (rather than conveying direct experience). To make these letters more impactful, I will write for only three students each year, beyond those that work with me. If you would like a letter from me for grad school, send me by October 31st: your resume, unofficial transcript, personal/interests statement. I will then let you know around Nov 7 whether I can write letters for you.

U of I Undergraduate Students

I'm not able to work with new students individually, but it is sometimes possible to work with graduate students on existing projects. The best way to get involved is to start attending our group meetings and introduce yourself. See group page for info.

Summer Interns

I am not planning to hire summer interns and cannot respond to requests for internships.

Post-docs and Visiting Researchers

I have no openings for visiting researchers and cannot respond to requests. I could consider post-docs.